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Artificial Grass: A little extra green in this concrete jungle

With the advancing economy and rapid development of high-rise buildings,

the scenic Nairobi we once knew is spiralling into a corporate breeding

ground with a skyline under siege by concrete structures...

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle allows very little in the way of personal time. Garden space and Parks are quickly being eaten away in a bid to maximize returns on land investments. Coupled with the high property costs, it is increasingly difficult to have a home with adequate room for relaxation, let alone having a garden and going through the troubles of maintaining it.

The increase in structures is also accompanied by a proportional decrease in open space and greenery, negatively impacting the environment. In Switzerland and France, for example, new buildings in commercial zones are now required to have rooftop gardens or solar panels to compensate for the building’s carbon footprint.

Aside from the impact on the environment, greenery greatly benefits our mental, physical and emotional well-being. Research from Germany has shown the psychological impact that viewing the colour green has. Tests showed significant increases in creativity when participants viewed green as opposed to other colours. According to Dr. Lichtenfeld, psychologist at the University of Munich, our brains associate green with Growth and Development due to its prevalence in nature. Subsequently, thinking about growth boosts our ability to accomplish tasks and strengthens the desire within us to improve.

Imposing laws on having rooftop gardens requires significant structural changes to the building to allow for the weight of the soil and increased waterproofing. Furthermore, gardens are difficult and time-consuming to maintain. In a country where water is scarce in several areas, artificial grass comes to the rescue. Available in rolls similar to a carpet, this creates an almost perfect replica of a garden, taking only a fraction of the time to install and requiring next to no maintenance.

Earlier types of artificial grass looked too unappealing. However, recent advancements in the manufacture of artificial grass has allowed for truly realistic products with more similar properties to real grass. Property Developers and Landscape Architects can now comfortably incorporate artificial grass gardens in balconies and rooftops giving you an ever-green garden to relax in all year round. Add a few potted plants and lawn chairs and you have the perfect place to unwind!

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