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The Masters of Artificial Landscape and Sports Grass

Gardening: A passion or a chore?


If you own a home with a garden, you'll understand exactly what this means. Without regular maintenance, including water and costly fertilisers, not to mention regular mowing and weed spraying, you won't come close to that picture perfect garden you first envisioned.


What if all this was possible, hassle-free?


Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular amongst home owners due to its quick installation and very low maintenance. And you get that all year round green garden that you had in mind when you first laid eyes on your garden space.


The word 'artificial' may initially be quite off-putting, but modern technology has allowed manufacturers to replicate the properties of natural grass. TurfMasters brings to you artificial grass of the highest quality, leaving your neighbour green with envy.


Alongside artificial grass for gardening and landscaping, we also offer solutions for children's playgrounds, golf putting greens, professional sports fields, rooftop gardens and the list goes on...


You can choose whether you would like to install the artificial grass yourself, on which we would gladly advise on the procedure. Alternatively, we can send our skilled staff to do the full install (recommended).

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