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Site Visit and Recommendations

Step 1 involves our team visiting your property for an analysis of what is required. We will then follow this up with our best recommendations on which artificial grass to use. Upon confirmation of the quote, and receipt of any special order items, work can begin.

Excavation / Removal of Existing Turf

If there is any existing turf / unstable top layer, this will have to be removed to ensure best results. We will then proceed to excavate upto 2 feet (depending on requirement) to allow for a strong base layer.

Construction of Base Layer

A base layer consisting of coarse and fine aggregate will be laid and compacted for maximum stability while allowing for any drainage (if necessary).

Laying out Turf

Now the interesting part. The artificial grass is laid out according to the specified design, ensuring grass blades are pointing in the same direction.  Depending on how many rolls are required, excess is trimmed to shape. Separate rolls are joined together using special tape and strong adhesive. Landscaping Nails may be used if necessary.

Final Touches and Infill

Depending on the type of project and turf selected, infill may be required. This is normally sand to enhance durability, heat absorption and for the natural effect by supporting the grass blades.

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